Bronze Ingot
Bronze Ingot
A bronze ingot used for forging weapons, tools and armour.
0 Stars
Blacksmith Fledgling Recipe
Castele Copper x 2
Buy price 80 Dosh
Sell price 40 Dosh
Sell price good  ?
Sell price great  ?
Sell price top  ?
Sell price divine  ?
Type Material


Obtaining Edit

Can be found by the boxes filled with coal at near the Royal Castlee Workshop.(will not sparkle)

Crafting Edit

Blacksmith (fledgling recipe)

Shops Edit

Bronze Ingots can be purchased from the following shops:

Recipes Edit

Bronze Ingots are used in a variety of Blacksmithing and Carpentry recipes:

Blacksmith Edit

Carpenter Edit

Experience Earned When Crafted Edit

  • Normal (x1) +4
  • Normal (x5) +7
  • Normal (x10) +11
  • Auto Mode+ (x1) +2
  • Auto Mode+ (x5) +4
  • Auto Mode+ (x10) +6
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