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鍛冶屋, Kajiya
Blacksmith Transparent.png
"What would a Paladin do without a sword, or a Miner without a pickaxe? Blacksmiths are simply indispensable in every town! Forge the finest tools, weapons, and armour!"
Weapon Dagger (Default)
Tool Hammer
Class information
Life type Crafting
Master Vulcan
Characters Vulcan, Fyra, Magmia, Ignatius, Steele, Durandal
Game introduced Fantasy Life

The Blacksmith is a Life you can choose to lead in the game Fantasy Life. It is one of 12 Lives that can be chosen as the player's main life at any time during the game by visiting the Guild Master (except during a story mission).

The Blacksmith uses hammers to craft weapons, armour and tools. There are 139 blacksmith recipes in the base game and 233 with the DLC

The Blacksmith's Life Shop is located in the Secret Smithy in Mt. Snowpeak's Lava Cave.


Rank Stars Vitality Focus
Novice 0 - -
Fledgling 100 +2 +1
Apprentice 500 +4 +2
Adept 1500 +6 +3
Expert 6000 +8 +4
Master 16000 +12 +6
Hero 30000 +16 +8
Legend 59760 +20 +10
God/Creator 80000 +24 +12


When the player chooses the Blacksmith life he learns 4 skills: Smithing, Weaponsmithing, Armoursmithing and Metal Tool Smithing. The max skill level is 15 (20 with the DLC). To unlock the new cap Legend rank must be reached and then, with the Blacksmith life active, talk to Divinus. He will increase the cap of these 4 skills to 20 and upgrade the licence to God-in-Training rank.

Icon Name Description
Smithing Skill.png Smithing Your proficiency at smithing. Raise your skill level to increase your selection of hammers and improve your crafting speed.
Weaponsmithing Skill.png Weaponsmithing Gives you access to metal weapon recipes, like swords and daggers. The higher your skill level, the better your chances of crafting high-quality items.
Armoursmithing Skill.png Armoursmithing Gives you access to defence equipment recipes, like shields and armour. The higher your skill level, the better your chances of crafting high-quality items.
Metal Tool Smithing Skill.png Metal Tool Smithing Gives you access to crafting tool recipes, like pickaxes and needles. The higher your skill level, the better your chances of crafting high-quality items.


When leveling a life, the player will gain several abilities. This abilities help by improving the life itself. Below is a list of Blacksmith abilities:

  • Heavy Strike
    • Upon reaching the Adept rank, the ability Heavy Strike is unlocked, allowing the special skill gauge to be chargeable. Once fully charged, it can be used by pressing X button. This automatically completes the next 3 tasks perfectly in a row with Great performance.
  • Dancing Hammer
    • At Master rank, the Heavy Strike ability becomes Dancing Hammer, increasing the number of tasks to 5.
  • Perfect Strike
    • At God/Creator rank, the Dancing Hammer ability becomes Perfect Strike, further increasing the number of tasks to 7.
  • Sound of Success
    • Upon reaching God/Creator, the ability Sound of Success is unlocked, allowing the special skill gauge to be chargeable twice. Once double-charged, this ability allows you to instantly finish your current recipe.
  • Extra Meterials
    • Upon reaching Expert, the ability Extra Meterials is unlocked, allowing the addition of an extra material. To view which effect each material has, see: Crafting Effects. At God/Creator rank and with the Blacksmith life active, it's possible to add a second material. This material can only be a Divine Orb, and when used, the item crafted will always be of divine quality.
  • Artisan
    • Upon reaching Master, the ability Artisan is unlocked, allowing the name of the player to be added onto items they craft. This can be viewed by looking underneath Rarity on an item, in which it says Made by: "Player Name".


The Blacksmith uses hammers to craft weapons, armour and tools. Hammers can be obtain from:

  • Shops that are all over the world.
  • Enemies Drops and Bounties.
  • Treasure chests that are all over the world.
  • NPCs. Such as King Erik Stone.
  • Crafted by Blacksmiths.

Some of them come with special effects useful to smithing and when crafting more effects can be added. To see full list of effects visit Crafting Effects.

View Hammers List
Picture Item Rarity Skill Level Normal Good Quality.png Great Quality.png Top Quality.png Divine Quality.png Special Effect Lives
Fledgling's Hammer.png
Fledgling's Hammer 0 Stars.png 1 6 6 6 6 6 ------ All
Bronze Hammer.png
Bronze Hammer 0 Stars.png 1 9 10 12 14 16 ------ All
Iron Hammer.png
Iron Hammer 1 Stars.png 2 12 14 16 18 20 ------ All
Silver Hammer.png
Silver Hammer 2 Stars.png 3 16 18 21 23 26 Higher quality rate +1% All
Gold Hammer.png
Gold Hammer 3 Stars.png 4 20 23 26 29 32 ------ All
Super Hammer.png
Super Hammer 3 Stars.png 5 24 27 30 34 37 ------ All
Flame Hammer.png
Flame Hammer 3 Stars.png 6 30 34 38 42 46 Higher quality rate +5% All
Rockcrusher Hammer.png
Rockcrusher Hammer 4 Stars.png 7 36 40 45 49 54 ------ All
Spark Hammer.png
Spark Hammer 4 Stars.png 8 44 49 54 60 65 Higher quality rate +20% All
Spirit Hammer.png
Spirit Hammer 5 Stars.png 11 54 60 66 73 79 Higher quality rate +25% Blacksmith icon 1.png
Gigaga Hammer.png
Gigaga Hammer OI 5 Stars.png 12 50 56 62 68 74 Crafting time limit + All
Clockwork Hammer.png
Clockwork Hammer OI 5 Stars.png 13 65 72 80 87 95 Crafting S. Skill rate +25% All
Star Smasher.png
Star Smasher OI 5 Stars.png 15 70 78 86 94 102 Higher quality rate +30% Blacksmith icon 1.png

Blacksmith NPC List[]

There are a number of other Blacksmith class NPCs around Reveria, who unlock challenges, provide equipment and plot. Talk to these when they have a ? over their heads.


Port Puerto[]

Mt Snowpeak[]


Class Challenges reward the player with Stars which accumulate to raise the rank of the player within the Life Class. Talk to Master Vulcan to cash in challenge rewards.

The U.S. Localization has differing names for many challenges. As such they will be listed after the U.K. localization names.


Challenge Instructions Stars
Novice Blacksmith Visit the Blacksmith master, Vulcan, and learn how to wield a hammer. 100

Challenge Instructions Stars
Copper Basics Craft 3 Bronze Ingots from Castele Copper. 30
Bronze Buddy Craft 3 bronze tools, such as a Bronze Needle or a Bronze Pickaxe. 70
Craft a Bronze Sword! Forge a Bronze Sword from Bronze Ingots. 30
Craft a Bronze Dagger! Forge a Bronze Dagger from a Bronze Ingot. 30
Craft a Bronze Shield! Forge a Bronze Shield from a Bronze Ingot. 10
Craft a Bronze Claymore! Forge a Bronze Claymore from Bronze Ingots. 30
Craft Leather Armour! Craft 1 piece of Leather Armour from Animal Hide. 30
Leathercrafter Craft 3 leather items, such as Leather Armour or a pair of Leather Boots. 80
Coppersmith Extraordinaire Forge a high-quality Bronze Hammer. (talk to Ignatius to unlock) 150
Just Getting Fired Up! Craft a total of 10 items as a Blacksmith. 200

Challenge Instructions Stars
Iron Basics Craft 5 Iron Ingots from Plains Iron. 200
Craft an Iron Hammer! Forge an Iron Hammer from Iron Ingots. 150
Craft an Iron Pickaxe! Forge an Iron Pickaxe from Iron Ingots. 80
Craft an Iron Needle! Forge an Iron Needle from an Iron Ingot. 120
Craft an Iron Frying Pan! Forge an Iron Frying Pan from Iron Ingots. 80
Craft an Iron Shield! Forge an Iron Shield from an Iron Ingot. 50
Iron-Arms Artisan Craft 3 iron weapons, such as an Iron Sword or an Iron Dagger. 150
Craft Iron Leg Armor! Forge Iron Leg Guards from Iron Ingots. 60
Craft an Iron Helm! Forge an Iron Helm from an Iron Ingot. 60
Craft Iron Hand Armor! Forge a pair of Iron Gauntlets from Iron Ingots. 60
Craft Iron Footwear! Forge a pair of Iron Boots from Iron Ingots. 60
Premium Ironsmith Forge a high-quality Iron Hammer. 200
Craft a Set of Iron Armor! Forge Iron Armor from Iron Ingots. 100

Challenge Instructions Stars
Craft Savage Leg Armor! Craft a pair of Savage Leggings from Beast Hide. 120
Craft a Savage Headpiece! Craft a Savage Cap from a piece of Beast Hide. 120
Craft a Pair of Savage Gauntlets! Craft a pair of Savage Gauntlets from Beast Hide. 120
Craft a Pair of Savage Boots! Craft a pair of Savage Boots from Beast Hide. 120
Craft Savage Armor! Craft Savage Armour from Beast Hide. 200
Craft Mermaid Leg Armor! Craft a pair of Mermaid Leggings from Fish Scales. 250
Craft a Mermaid Helm! Craft a Mermaid Helm from Fish Scales. 250
Craft a Pair of Mermaid Gloves! Craft a pair of Mermaid Gloves from Fish Scales. 250
Craft a Pair of Mermaid Boots! Craft a pair of Mermaid Boots from Fish Scales. 250
Craft a Set of Mermaid Armor! Craft Mermaid Mail from Fish Scales. 400
Silver Basics Craft 10 Silver Ingots from Port Puerto Silver. 600
Craft a Silver Hammer! Forge a Silver Hammer from Silver Ingots. 200
Sleek Silver Forge a Silver Dagger from a Silver Ingot. 150
Silver Lining Forge a Silver Sword from Silver Ingots. (recipe from Sebastian in Port Puerto) 150
Fight Silver with Silver Forge a Silver Pickaxe from Silver Ingots. 150
Craft a Silver Needle! Forge a Silver Needle from a Silver Ingot. 150
Have a License for that Thing?! Forge a Silver Claymore from Silver Ingots. 250
Behold, the Silversmith! Forge a high-quality Silver Hammer. 800
Shiny Protection Forge a Silver Shield from Silver Ingots. 400
Two-Handed Fury Forge a high-quality Silver Claymore from Silver Ingots. 1200

Challenge Instructions Stars
Gold Basics Craft 10 Gold Ingots from Al Maajik Gold. 800800
Craft Shell Armor! Craft Shell Armour from Durable Shells. 300
Shellshocked! Craft 5 pieces of Shell defensive gear, such as Shell Armor or a Shellmet. 500
Golden Guard Craft Gold Armour from Gold Ingots. 450
A Golden Opportunity Craft 5 gold items, such as a Gold Sword or a Gold Pickaxe. 1200
Craft a Gold Hammer! Forge a high-quality Gold Hammer. 450
Platinum Basics Craft 10 Platinum Ingots from Platinum Ore. 1000
Platinum Hit! Forge Gladiator's Armour from Platinum Ingots. 350
Bling! Bling! Craft 5 platinum items, such as items from the Gladiator's series or a Fashionista's Needle. 1200
We Just Went Platinum! Forge a high-quality Super Hammer. 450
Captain's Guard Forge a Captain's Shield and a Captain's Sword from Platinum Ingots. (Unlock by speaking to the Legendary Ironsmith) 1600
Straight to the Point Forge a Rogue's Dagger from a Platinum Ingot. 1000
Bonebreaker Forge a Bone Sword from Platinum Ingots. 1000
The Beast Defence Craft Beastly Armour from Monster Hide. 500
Hungry Like a Beast Craft 5 pieces of Beastly defensive gear, such as Beastly Armour or a Beastly Cap. 1200
All Clammed Up Forge a high-quality Clam Frying Pan. 1000
Furnace Side Fashion Craft a high-quality Fashionista's Needle. 1000

Challenge Instructions Stars
Three's a Crowd Craft 5 Magma Ingots, Marine Ingots and Magic Ingots using their respective ores. 1500
Fuel the Flames! Forge a high-quality Flame Hammer. 800
Artisan of the Arcane Craft 5 items from Magic Ingots, such as a Maajik Blade or any item from the Magic series of armour. 1200
Magmacrafter Craft 5 items from Magma Ingots, such as a Flame Hammer or any item from the Inferno series of armour. 1200
Aquacrafter Craft 5 items from Marine Ingots, such as a Deep Sea Pickaxe or any item from the Tidal series of armour. 1200
Some Killer Crystal Craft a Crystal Sword from Platinum Ingots. 600
Three is the Magic Number Forge a high-quality Arcana Blade, Flamberge and Maajik Blade. 1800
Dragon Armour Craft Dragon Mail from Dragon Scales. 600
Dragoncrafter Craft 5 pieces of Dragon defensive gear, such as Dragon Mail or Dragon Leggings . 2500
Light Enough For Ya? Forge a Paladin's Sword from Magma Ingots. (Ask Magmia for recipe) 700
Into the Void! Forge a Demonic Void claymore from Magic Ingots. (Ask the Legendary Ironsmith for recipe) 450
The Crusher Forge a Rockcrusher Hammer from Magic Ingots. 450
The Price of Protection Forge a Knightly Shield from Magma Ingots. 400
Crush the Competition! Forge a high-quality Rockcrusher Hammer. 600

Challenge Instructions Stars
Celestial Basics Craft 10 Celestial Ingots from Celestial Ore. 2000
Feel the Joy Forge a Joyeuse from Celestial Ingots. (Talk to Durandal for the recipe) 2500
Heavenly Hammer/Shockingly Effective Forge a Spark Hammer from Celestial Ingots. (Ask Vulcan for recipe) 1500
One Armor to Guard All Forge Holy Armour from Celestial Ingots. 1500
Armor Amore Craft high-quality Holy Armour. 8000
Good Things Come in Fives Craft 5 items from Celestial Ingots, such as items from the Holy series of armour. 8000

Challenge Instructions Stars
Positively Ancient Craft 10 Ancient Ingots from Chalk Ore. 3000
Embrace the Darkness Craft 10 Demonic Ingots from Dark Ore. 3000
Smithing is Godliness Craft 5 items from the Godly series of defensive gear, such as Godly Armour or a Godly Helm. 3000
Runecrafter Craft 5 items from the Rune series of defensive gear, such as Rune Armour or a Rune Helm. 3000
Shadowcrafter Craft 5 items from the Shadow series of defensive gear, such as Shadow Armour or a Shadow Cap. 3000
Like Clockwork Forge a Clockwork Hammer from Demonic Ingots. 5000


Main article: Blacksmith Recipes

There are in total 233 recipes in smithing divided into 4 main components: materials, weapons, tools and armour.

Recipes for Blacksmith items are given by the Blacksmith Master, Vulcan, by all of the characters related to the blacksmith life, by leveling up within the Class and for the DLC recipes by Divinus.