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Baste at Madam Purl's

Baste is Madam Purl's pet parrot. He lives in her house in Port Puerto's Palace Way, and sells Tailor crafting items.

Like some other pets in Fantasy Life, he speaks in an unusual and comedic manner, for example- "THX 4 UR BUSINES."

He is the Tailor Life Shop.

Shop Inventory:[]

Some items unlock by reaching the rank of Master Tailor

Item Cost Unlock?
Charge Up Aid 2500 Dosh Yes
Fine Feather 100 Dosh
Glossy Feather 200 Dosh
Coal-Black Feather 400 Dosh Yes
Seashell Buttons 100 Dosh
Gemstone Buttons 400 Dosh
Wonderful Buttons 1000 Dosh
Cute Ribbon 40 Dosh
Fancy Ribbon 80 Dosh
Wonderful Ribbon 1000 Dosh
String 40 Dosh
Leather String 80 Dosh
Wonderful String 1000 Dosh
Apple Appliqué 400 Dosh
Fairy Appliqué 400 Dosh
Shield Appliqué 400 Dosh
Pirate Appliqué 600 Dosh
Hero Appliqué 400 Dosh Yes
Princess Appliqué 600 Dosh Yes
Dragon Appliqué 600 Dosh Yes
Royal Appliqué 600 Dosh Yes
Dandelion Cotton 40 Dosh
Sunny Cotton 320 Dosh Yes
Angelic Cotton 960 Dosh Yes
Wool 160 Dosh
Silk 320 Dosh
Cashmere 640 Dosh
Marine Silk 480 Dosh Yes
Linen 640 Dosh Yes
Flare Wool 1200 Dosh Yes
Pink Silk 960 Dosh Yes
Black Cashmere 1200 Dosh Yes
Training Needle 400 Dosh
Bronze Needle 800 Dosh
Iron Needle 1440 Dosh
Silver Needle 2300 Dosh
Gold Needle 3800 Dosh
Fashionista's Needle 6400 Dosh Yes
New Wave Needle 15000 Dosh Yes
Industry Needle 30000 Dosh Yes
Weaver's Outfit 400 Dosh
Seamstress's Dress 400 Dosh
Tailor's Shoes 400 Dosh