This section of the Fantasy Life walkthrough is about the prelude of the main story, Welcome to Reveria!

Basic Controls Edit

Use the following controls to move around and explore the world of Reveria:

Action Input
Move around Circle pad
Interact / enter door A button
Dash B button (while moving)
Rotate camera L / R buttons

Prelude Edit

  1. You awoke to find Pam standing over you! It seems that everyone gets a letter from the king once they've chosen their Life! Go check the mailbox outside!
  2. The Postman, Roland, lobbed a letter into the mailbox! Looks like it's from the king. Hurry up and check the mailbox!
  3. The letter WAS from the king! Now you need a license of some sort. What's all that about, hmm? Better ask Pam for more details.
  4. Pam gave you some of her candy! How sweet. Better put it in your Pouch! Apparently you can get your license at the Guild Office. Use your map to find the Guild Office.
  5. You got your license from the Guild Master! Now all that's left is meeting the king himself! But what's that disturbance in the square? Shouldn't you go and check it out?
  6. The person in trouble turned out to be a talking butterfly! Looks like she said something unwise to a pair of angry thugs. *gulp* Hurry up and save the poor thing!
  7. Lucky for the butterfly you came along! It sounds like she's heading to the castle on business of her own. Anyway, make haste to the castle!
  8. It looks like you can't see the king because you're dressed too shabbily. But more importantly, what was that cry just now? It sounds like the butterfly needs your help again!
  9. Your butterfly friend's butterfly-bow-tie master plan might really work! Head to the court doors again to find out!
  10. It was nerve racking, but you managed to fool the guards! Nice job! Now you can finally meet King Erik! Hmm. Wonder what he's like...
  11. The childlike King Erik gave you Dosh, a map, and equipment! Now you're on your way! What kind of exciting future awaits you? Better go and meet your Master!

Things to NoteEdit

  • The Guild Office is a place to change your job (life). As you probably already know, there are twelve different live classes in Fantasy Life, so be sure to try them all out.
  • You should make sure that you have a license for a combat-type life, such as being a Paladin, Mercenary, Hunter or Magician since the next few chapters will involve combat.
  • Dosh is the currency of Fantasy Life that can be used to purchase items and more.

End of Chapter Bliss QuestsEdit

To continue to the next chapter, you must complete the following bliss quests. They will reward you with 10 Bliss each when completed.

Once you have finished all four bliss quests, you can speak to Flutter in your room to start the next chapter of the story.

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