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General Information

The Anglers' Association are a group of Anglers that share fishing spots and tips. Seabury is the head honcho.

Lyle Lips is found here. This flower turns fish bounties into fish prints which are decor items.

Shop Information

Some items only unlock by reaching the rank of Master Angler

Item Cost Unlock?
Sweet Fish Pastry 2,000 Yes
Charge Up Aid 2,500 Yes
Fish Scales 400 No
Subterranean Scales 1,500 Yes
Icy Scales 2,000 Yes
Celestial Scales 2,000 Yes
Volcanic Fin 2,000 Yes
Forest Lordfish Moss 1,000 Yes
Guppy Rod 400 No
Oak Rod 900 No
Pine Rod 1,600 No
Palm Rod 2,600 No
Famous Angler's Rod 7,200 Yes
Whirlpool Rod 17,000 Yes
Carp Smock 400 No
Carp Tunic 400 No
Carp Trousers (M) 400 No
Carp Trousers (F) 400 No
Fishy Green Hood 400 No
Fishy Pink Hood 400 No
Shark Hat 30,000 Yes
Angler's Goggles 4,800 No