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"A beautiful young woman who loves precious stones. She ensnares men with her charms, then robs them."
Character information
Gender Female
Nickname(s) Unknown
Hometown Al Maajik
Relatives Unknown
Rank Mysterious Woman
First appearance Fantasy Life

Angela is a miner from Al Maajik. She came to Castele in order to find a topaz. She can join your party when you reach master miner. She fights by swinging with her left leg and sometimes following up with a roundhouse kick.

During the introductory quest Angela is hugged by the Miner Master due to him mistaking her as his wife, Mary/Ruby, he even loses his anniversary gift because it got caught in Angela's hair. Angela approaches you later, revealing she came to Castele all the way from Al Maajik in search of a Topaz. Her reasoning for that is because she thinks you are the miner master. In return for a Topaz she offers you a Amethyst that she mysteriously found in her ponytail after being hugged. The Amethyst turns out to be the anniversary gift for Mary/Ruby.

After all this is over, Roque says he wants to follow her to Al Maajik because he is in love.

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