錬金術師, Renkinjutsushi
Alchemist Transparent.png
"It's not magic, I say! No, not a scam either! Alchemists can really turn weeds and the like into usable items!"
Weapon Dagger (Default)
Tool Flask
Class information
Life type Crafting
Master Flamel
Characters Beaker, Fizz, Rupert, Petri, Prof. Snooze, Genieus
Game introduced Fantasy Life

The Alchemist is a Life you can choose to lead in the game Fantasy Life. It is one of 12 Life classes available to choose to play as during the game and can be chosen at any time during the game by speaking to the Guild Master.

The Alchemist uses flasks to make medicine, bombs, flasks and accessories. There are 67 Recipes (without DLC).

The Master's Life Shop is located at Prof. Snooze's Laboratory - Al Maajik Sandtown

Ranks[edit | edit source]

Rank Stars Life Bonus
Fledgling 100 Intelligence +2, Dexterity +1
Apprentice 700 Intelligence +4, Dexterity +2
Adept 2200 Intelligence +6, Dexterity +3
Expert 6500 Intelligence +8, Dexterity +4
Master 13000 Intelligence +12, Dexterity +6
Hero 25000 Intelligence +16, Dexterity +8
Legend 58620 Intelligence +20, Dexterity +10
God/Creator 80000 Intelligence +24, Dexterity +12

Abilities[edit | edit source]

When the player reaches God/Creator rank as an Alchemist you gain a god/creator ability which can be activated when you have a double charged skill gauge. It allows you to instantly finish your current recipe. During alchemy if constantly creating the same potion over and over again and consistently in a good rating you can increase your alchemy level much easier.

Alchemist NPC List[edit | edit source]

There are a number of other Alchemist class NPCs around Reveria, who unlock challenges, provide equipment and plot. Talk to these when they have a ? over their heads.

Castele[edit | edit source]

Port Puerto[edit | edit source]

Al Maajik[edit | edit source]

Challenges[edit | edit source]

Class Challenges reward the player with Stars which accumulate to raise the rank of the player within the Life Class. Talk to Master Flamel to cash in challenge rewards.

The U.S. Localization has differing names for many challenges. As such they will be listed after the U.K. localization names.

Challenge Instructions Stars
Novice Challenges
Fledgling Alchemist Visit the Alchemist master, Flamel, and learn the basics of Alchemy. 100


Royal Bandage

(Heal Thyself)

Make 3 HP Potions from Healweeds and Spring Water. 50
Don't Let the Poison Win!

(Poison, Begone!)

Make 1 Poison Antidote from a Cureweed, Antidote Berries and Spring Water. 50
Loosen Up!

(Stun Undone)

Make 1 Stun Antidote from a Cureweed, Antistun Berries and Spring Water. 50
Wake up, Sleepyhead!

(Rise and Shine)

Make 1 Sleep Antidote from a Cureweed, Wakeup Berries and Spring Water. 50
Charming Accessories

(Charmed, I'm Sure)

Make 1 Charm from a Suspicious Object and a Leather String. 20
Quality Crafting

(Quality Control)

Make 1 high-quality HP Potion from a Healweed and Spring Water. 50
Bombs Away! Make 1 Mini Bomb from Minty Ore, Green Gel and Animal Droppings. 100
Perpetual Pep Make 3 SP Potions from Vitalweeds and Spring Water. 150
Litmus Flask

(Flask Task)

Make 1 Science Flask from Blue Stones, Spring Water and a Castele Bloom. 100
Notorious Alchemist Make 10 items using the Fledgling recipes your master taught you. 50
Shiny Spectacles

(Making a Spectacle)

Make 1 pair of Round Specs from Yellow Stones and Castele Copper. 150
Beast Chic

(Claw Chic)

Make 1 Claw Necklace from Animal Claws, an Animal Fang and a Leather String. 150
Flamel's Fancy

(Flamel's Favorite)

Make 1 high-quality Mini Bomb from Minty Ore, Green Gel and Animal Droppings. 150


Reveria Bandage

HP Times Three

Make 3 Hi-HP Potions from Healweeds and Mountain Spring Water. 100
Nap Attack Make 1 Sleep Bomb from Minty Ore, Blue Gel and Sleep Powder. 100
Frivolous Flask

(Flask in a Flash)

Make 1 Inventor's Flask from Blue Stones, Green Gel and Rejuvenating Berries. 100
Gotta Be High Class

(Quality Time)

Make 1 high-quality Hi-HP Potion from Healweeds and Mountain Spring Water. 150
Rising from the Ashes

(Back to Life)

Make 1 Life Cure from Lifeweeds, Little Tails and Mountain Spring Water. (Ask Beaker for the recipe) 100
Wild Fang

(Savage Style)

Make 1 Savage Necklace from Hard Claws, a Thick Fang and a Leather String. 200
Beautiful Ocean Stone

(Aquamarine Dream)

Make 1 Aquamarine Ring from an Aquamarine and an Iron Ingot. 50
Topaz Sky

(Topaz Triumph)

Make 1 Topaz Ring from a Topaz and an Iron Ingot. 50
Endurance Alchemy

(Sweet Stamina)

Make 3 Hi-SP Potions from Vitalweeds and Mountain Spring Water. 300
The Studious Alchemist

(Assiduous Alchemist)

Make 10 items using the Apprentice recipes your master taught you. 150
Flamel's Fury

(Flamel's Fiery Jewels)

Make 1 high-quality Aquamarine Ring and 1 high-quality Topaz Ring. 600


Alchemy Scholar Style

(Stylish Sight)

Make 1 pair of Stylish Specs from Blue Stones, Blue Gel and Port Puerto Silver. 150
Amethyst Purple

(Implicit Crystals)

Make 1 Amethyst Ring from an Amethyst, Water Mana and a Silver Ingot. 50
Goin' Snorkelling!

(Sea to Believe)

Make 1 Diving Mask from Purple Stones, Glittering Coral and Beast Hide. (Talk to Rupert in Castele Square for Recipe) 100
Sky-Blue Flower

(Fanciful Flower)

Make 1 Flower Hairclip from Port Puerto Blooms, a Fancy Ribbon and a Rainbow Shell. (Ask Fizz for the recipe) 100
Healing Heaven

(Heal to Heal)

Make 3 Healing Powders from Healweeds and Magic Powder. 500
Gimme Strength!

(More Power to You)

Make 1 high-quality Power Aid from Alcheweeds, Hard Claws and Saltless Seawater. 300
Gimme Vitality!

(Impossible to Resist)

Make 1 high-quality Resistance Aid from Alcheweeds, Saltless Seawater and a Thick Shell. 300
Gimme Magic!

(Magic Touch)

Make 1 high-quality Magic Aid from Alcheweeds, Saltless Seawater and a Mysterious Object. 300
Poison Blast

(Dangerous Detonation)

Make 1 Poison Bomb from Quality Minty Ore, Purple Gel and Poison Powder. 200
Stun Blast

(Blown Away)

Make 1 Stun Bomb using Quality Minty Ore, Yellow Gel and Stun Powder. 200
Flashy Flask

(Burst Your Bubble)

Make 1 Bubbling Flask from Purple Stones, Blue Gel and a Port Puerto Bloom. 200
Ingenious Alchemist Make 15 items using the Adept recipes your master taught you. 700
Classy in Coral

(Coral Creation)

Make 1 Coral Necklace from Pretty Coral, Little Shells and a String. 200
Bombs Away! Second Barrage

(Bombs Away! Part 2)

Make 1 Medium Bomb from Quality Minty Ore, Red Gel and Combustible Powder. 350
Healing Circle

(Bundle of Energy)

Make 1 high-quality Energy Powder from Vitalweeds and Magic Powder 450
Rejuvenation Stations

(Rejuvenation Salvation)

Make 3 Panaceas from Cureweeds, Saltless Seawater and Rejuvenating Berries. 800
Ocean Fashion Passion
(Sovereign of the Sea)
Make 1 Marine Necklace from Stunning Coral, Durable Shells and a String. 350
Charming Charm
(Charm Challenge)
Make 1 Durable Charm from Mysterious Objects and a Leather String. 500
Flamel's Folly
(Bomb Batch)
Make 1 high-quality Poison Bomb, 1 high-quality Stun Bomb and 1 high-quality Sleep Bomb. 1000


Healing Touch
(Healing Potion Notion)
Make 3 Maxheal Dusts from Healweeds, Magic Powder and Giant Tree Nuts. 800
Beast Style
(Beastly Behavior)
Make 1 Beastly Necklace from Sharp Claws, a Strong Fang and a Leather String. 350
Give Us Strength!
(Power Play)
Make 3 Power Sprays from Arch Alcheweeds, Sharp Claws and Demonic Powder. 800
Give Us Vitality!
(Pièce de Résistance)
Make 3 Resistance Sprays from Arch Alcheweeds, Timeworn Shells and Demonic Powder. 800
Give Us Magic!
(Magic Machinations)
Make 3 Magic Sprays using Arch Alcheweeds, Curious Objects and Demonic Powder. 800
Fabulous Flask
(Flask Formation)
Make 1 Wisdom Flask from Purple Stones, Purple Gel and an Al Maajik Bloom (Talk to Petri in Port Puerto Marina for Recipe). 300
The Industrious Alchemist
(Industrious Alchemist)
Make 15 items using the Expert recipes your master taught you. 1800
A Vision of Sophistication
(View Ado)
Make 1 high-quality Classy Monocle from Blue Stones, Yellow Gel and Al Maajik Gold. 350
Alchemy Geek Chic
(Fashion Glasses)
Make 1 pair of high-quality Black-Rimmed Glasses from Blue Stones, Black Gel and Platinum Ore. 450
Blood Red Stone
(Rise of the Ruby)
Make 1 Ruby Ring from a Ruby, Fire Mana and a Platinum Ingot. 150
Deep Blue Stone
(Sapphire Desire)
Make 1 Sapphire Ring from a Sapphire, Wind Mana and a Platinum Ingot. 150
Emerald Forest Stone
(Emerald Enthralled)
Make 1 Emerald Ring from an Emerald, Earth Mana and a Platinum Ingot. 150
Ocean Sounds
(Coral Exam)
Make 1 high-quality Sea Necklace from Glittering Coral, Rainbow Shells and a String. 450
Heroic Accessorising
(Accessory Treasury)
Make 1 Reinforced Charm from Curious Objects and a Wonderful String. 150
Energy MAX!
(Energy to the MAX!)
Make 3 Hi-Energy Powders from Vitalweeds, Magic Powder and Giant Tree Nuts. 1000
Flamel's Frustration
(Jewel Renewal)
Make 1 high-quality Ruby Ring, 1 high-quality Sapphire Ring and 1 high-quality Emerald Ring. 1100


Fantabulous Flask
(Flasks Aflame)
Make 1 Sol Flask from a Ruby, a Sun Cluster and Red Gel. 400
Charge! Make 3 Charge Up Aids from Soulweeds, Energising Flowers and Saltless Seawater. 1000
Critical Damage Make 3 Crit Aids from Soulweeds, Saltless Seawater and Lucky Flowers. 1000
Mega First Aid
(Aid and Abet)
Make 3 Mega Aids from Soulweeds, Saltless Seawater and Running Flowers. 1000
Cute Red Frames
Make 1 pair of high-quality Red-Rimmed Glasses from Purple Stones, Red Gel and Magma Ore. 500
Frosty Flask Make 1 Icicle Flask from a Sapphire, King Gel and a Moon Cluster. 400
Flamel's Fixation
(Labor of Love)
Make 3 Love Bombs from Quality Minty Ore, Pink Gel and Demonic Powder. (Ask Petri for the recipe) 3300
The Alacritous Alchemist
(Exalted Alchemist)
Make 20 items using the Master recipes your master taught you. 600
Elixir of Life Make 1 high-quality Elixir from Legendweeds, Big Tails and Mountain Spring Water. (Ask Prof. Snooze for the recipe) 2800
A Little Genius
(Fly Eyewear)
Make 1 pair of high-quality Mini Specs from Purple Stones, King Gel and Marine Ore. 550
Flying Flask
(Burst Your Bubble)
Make 1 Bolt Flask from Black Onyx, a Star Cluster and Yellow Gel. 400
Flamel's Furore
(All's Fair in Love)
Make 1 high-quality Love Bomb from Quality Minty Ore, Pink Gel and Demonic Powder. 3000


Spray to Go!
(Spray Away)
Make 1 high-quality Spraylixir from Ultima Alcheweeds, Beast Tails and Mountain Spring Water. 600
Bombs Away! Final Barrage
(Bombs Away! Part 3)
Make 1 high-quality Great Bomb from Quality Minty Ore, Black Gel and Monster Dung. 600
Wild Side Walk
(Shady Character)
Make 1 pair of high-quality Wild Side Shades from Purple Stones, Magic Ore and Pink Gel. 600
A Dark Accessory
(Dark Arts & Crafts)
Make 1 high-quality Black-Onyx Ring from Black Onyx, Shadow Mana and a Celestial Ingot. 800
An Alchemist's Best Friend
(Ring in the New)
Make 1 high-quality Diamond Ring from a Diamond, Light Mana and a Celestial Ingot. 800
Forbidden Flask
(Contraband for Life)
Make 1 high-quality Forbidden Flask from a Diamond, Pink Gel and Evil Wings. 800
The Divine Alchemist
(Awe-Inspiring Alchemist)
Raise your Alchemy skill to level 15. 4000
Daring Alchemy
(Dare to Care)
Make 1 high-quality Daredevil Aid from Soulweeds, Saltless Seawater and Giant Tree Nuts. 8000
The Philosopher's Stone
(Philosopher's Stone)
Make 1 high-quality Philosopher's Stone from King Gel, an Unknown Life Form and an Antenna Lantern. (Ask Fizz for the challenge, ask Genieus for the recipe.) 8000


Angel Blessings
(Cherubic Challenge)
Make 5 Angelic Remedies. 3000
Miracle Madness
(Working Miracles)
Make 5 Miracles. 3000
Blast from the Heavens
(Heavenly Blast)
Make 3 Divine Bombs. 3000
Demonic Boom
(Devil's Detonation)
Make 3 Demonic Bombs. 3000
A Lucky Experiment
(Lucky Liquids)
Make 3 Luck Potions. 3000
A Godly Experiment
(Divine Intervention)
Make 1 Godly Spray (Divine Mist). 5000
Life Ranks

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