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Al Maajik Library of Magic
Almaajik library exterior.jpg
Almaajik library interior.jpg
Vital statistics
Type Location
Level Any (35 for Repository of Forbidden Books)
Location Al Maajik Spelltown
Inhabitants Al Maajik Residents

The Al Maajik Library of Magic is a building located at the center of Al Maajik Spelltown. It has 2 entrances and is the first building you should see when entering from Al Maajik Sandtown , even though it doesn't have a label on the map on the lower screen.

Repository of Forbidden Books

Once the player has completed story mode and is at least level 35, they will be able to access the Repository of Forbidden Books, home to the

Tome of Shadows

Tome of Shadows, who sells items at daytime and can reset the player's stat points at night. The Repository of Forbidden Books can be accessed by stepping over a magical circle on the top floor of the library.