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Al Maajik is a desert city in Reveria. It is the third major city that the player will encounter in Fantasy Life's story.


"This desert city is ruled by the Dark Sultan, Damien (Daemon), who certainly has a rather intimidating name - but who is he really? The air is thick with magic, and there is a library in town that specialises in the magical arts. From here you can reach the dangerous Drysand Desert." "This mysterious desert town is known far and wide for its burgeoning arts of magic and alchemy."~quote from Castele library

Al Maajik Outskirts[]

"A travellers' hub situated between Al Maajik and the Drysand Desert. An ideal place to swap tales with other travellers and pick up supplies."

Area Connections[]

Points of Interest[]

Lootable Items[]


Flowers, Herbs and Mushrooms

Fruits, Vegetables and Animal Products

Ore, Wood and Fish

Al Maajik Sandtown[]

"Al Maajik's front doorstep. Numerous shops are located here, as well as the Baazar Workshop. An exciting place full of mystery."

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Points of Interest[]

Al Maajik Spelltown[]

"A veritable paradise for Magicians to practice their craft. Its Academy of Magic is renowned for producing numerous first-class magicians."

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Points of Interest[]

Dark Sultan's Fortress[]

Dark Sultan's Fortress.JPG

"The abode of the Dark Sultan (Daemon Helbourne). Rumor has it he spends his days shut up in here, plotting to take over the world."

This area can be accessed through the Al Maajik Bridge located to the top-most of Al Maajik Spelltown when you have reached a certain point of the story.

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